Relocation lessons

Getting around Dublin on bike

I thought about getting a bicycle in Dublin to get around, but had not done so in the first few weeks that I moved.

I got to know about Dublin Bikes – the public bike transportation system, and now I get everywhere I need to go (within the city) virtually for free!

  • I registered online on Dublin Bikes and got a confirmation e-mail.
  • Activated my account on one of the bike stations with a Leap Card (commuter card) and a PIN code.
  • Picked a bike, and it’s free if I return it within 30 mins to any station.

The annual subscription for this has been only 20EUR. I’ve saved tons of money by renting the bikes so far than I would on Uber, bus, and train rides.

I imagine that more cities could start doing this – but not entirely sure how one would survive safely on the hectic Singapore roads back home.


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